Welcome to KVIK, the oldest rowing club in Denmark.

Who are we and where is the club located?

We are a rowing club with approximately 300 active rowers of all ages and aptitudes: we have a large youth section, college-age students, active retirees and everyone in between rowing before and after work, or whenever fits their schedule.

Our clubhouse and facilities are located in the beautiful Svanemøllen Harbour, just north of the city centre and close to Østerbro (click on this link to see us on the map).

A rowing club with fitness options for everyone

Our core rowing is done in stable, wooden 2 and 4 oar sweep boats as well as coastal rowing boats designed for rowing in open seas. They are ideal for social and fun rowing for all abilities and ambitions. We also have a variety of faster boats and training options for more competitive rowers. These boats include the classic racing 8 oars, single and double sculls and racing designs in between.

To participate in regular social rowing, you can either show up after work or, for rowing trips in the mornings, afternoons or weekend, plan and sign up for a trip on the website. If you want to be quite serious with your rowing, options range from regular “motion plus” training, taking part in local and national races, or joining the competitive rowers who train at Bagsværd Lake north of the city. Our members are regular medal winners in national and international competitions, including the most recent Olympics in London and Rio.

We also have an active kayak section which uses touring kayaks, which are lighter and faster than sea kayaks, but also more unstable. Again activities range from social rowing up the coast, technique and fitness training, to taking part in local and national races.