How to join the club

How do I join the rowing club?

Our rowing club offers a free intro day to all prospective members, where you can meet us, see our facilities and try out a short rowing trip. Come and join one of our open house (Åbenthus) days advertised on our website. If there isn’t one available, please write to and we will get back to you with a date when you can visit with other prospective members.

If you already know that rowing is for you, please sign up for one of our courses via this link sign up for one of our courses via this link. The registration form is in Danish, so if there are any problems filling it out or if there is no more space in the available courses, feel free to contact us at Upon signing up, you will immediately get an email from us which includes course practicalities and costs.. all you need to do is pay the initial membership and joining fees and arrive on the day your course starts.

Membership fees, which also cover the cost of the course, are 235 kr per month, paid quarterly and in advance, and the joining fee is 235 kr. Reduced fees for youth and college students are 105 kr and 150 kr per month, respectively.

If you are already an experienced rower, you do not need to do the course and we will arrange to show you our facilities, go for a trial rowing trip and introduce you to the club. Please come and join one of our “Åbenthus” days or write to

Extra expat support to help you settle in

We know that it can be a bit daunting for expats to settle in when everyone around them is talking in Danish. We already have a number of expat members and they have kindly offered to be mentors to new members. Your mentor will introduce you around and show you all the facilities, tell you more about our activities and events, guide you in navigating the website so you can sign up for regular rowing and social activities, help you with some Danish language essentials such as the rowing commands, be available to answer any questions or concerns, and generally help you feel welcome and at home in your new rowing club.