Being part of a ‘forening’

Social activities and exploring Denmark and being a part of the Danish ‘forening’ tradition

Apart from the regular weekly rowing and training, the club offers a wide range of social activities, both in the clubhouse and via organised rowing and kayak trips.

Rowing and kayak trips range from moonlight rowing in the Copenhagen harbour, longer trips up and down the coast, and weekend and full week trips all around Denmark and occasionally elsewhere in Scandinavia and Europe.

We offer dinner in the clubhouse after weekday rowing and regular grill afternoons and evenings to enjoy the summer sun. We also have at least a dozen parties during the year for any event that is an excuse to celebrate and they often carry on into the early hours of the morning.
In addition, as a member of the row club (forening), you are experiencing a unique part of Danish culture. Most Danes are a part of a club/forening, whether it be sports, arts, or work-related. As a member of KVIK’s forening, you are included in decision-making regarding what takes place at the club, as well as expected to commit a bit of your time towards helping maintain the club. At KVIK, this can be such things as helping decorate the clubhouse for parties, getting the boats ready for the outdoor season or serving as a row instructor for new members of the club.